J Freeley Ltd, 14 Southern Street, Worsley, Manchester M28 3QN

Complex demolition of former city-centre entertainment venue in Bolton, UK
Each of the four boundaries to the building had particular site constraints:

  • The south of the building had a party wall to an occupied building which required temporary propping, and permanent weatherproofing.
  • The lowest part of the north wall comprised of a retaining wall to the River Croal which required the design and installation of a bespoke propping system prior to demolition.
  • The west side of the building adjoined an adopted highway and bridge.
  • The east of the site had retaining walls which required the design and installation of temporary propping prior to demolition.

Key issues:
- Traffic management
- City centre location
- Design and installation of propping system include pilling works in adjacent river
- Party wall liaison